Hard denied. Documentation template. What is missing, I wonder?


Template harshly disapproved. How can I improve this template. Support I’ll be happy wherever you are.

URL: http://demo.marj.com.tr/doc/html/

With all due respect, I get that it is quite a unique concept but not sure it’s right for here.

  • The potential market is very limited.

  • The only people who would really benefit from a documentation builder (bear in mind there are several free ones incl. some ‘made-for-envato’ versions,are authors who will be able to/have already built their own. Many of which, again with respect, look better.

  • The execution (even if it is only to be a documentation file) is not great

  • It seems like some links are not working right http://demo.marj.com.tr/doc/html/Layouts/Layout3.html, http://demo.marj.com.tr/doc/html/pages/Blog.html

Thank you so much. I will consider them.

So is it possible to send it again after developing?

If you were hard rejected then you will need to make considerable changes (esp. in a niche design) but assuming you do this then yes you can resubmit.