Happy post about Audiojungle ;)

Data transmission activated:

Since I’ve seen a few forum posts like «Yay! I’m at x number of sales! Thank you so much!», I want to add my microscopic achievement here too: I didn’t even have a sale as of now, but I’m super happy to have a few items approved already! It’s very encouraging to me and I’m grateful. :smile:

(Because, let’s be honest, as a newcomer, reading all these posts on a broken search engine, comments about the review queue’s length, the many reports of drops in sales, plus the Alexa.com ranking of Audiojungle that I’ve just seen… Oh la la; I must say it feels a bit disconcerting.)

But I’m still happy and I won’t give up! Here I come, Jungle! Armed only with my mighty effects and robotic musical chops, I shall fight my way in the wild Corporate Corporatist Happy Inspired Inspiration’s Land of Hope! Fear my swooshing stingers! Bow down to my spectacular button sounds and… erm… other beeps and pops! Mwahahaha! Fear the Nonzerobot! :ghost:


Alright Nonzerobot! :+1: