Happy New Year -> 2019!

I wish everyone all the best in 2019; health, joy, success, strength and happiness and may all your dreams come true!

Let’s have some fun, after a year of hard work and challenges:

:fireworks: :tada::balloon:

What are you doing these days? Are you working? Are you having fun somewhere far from home? Are you enjoying time with family or friends? Are you just spending your holidays doing favourite things? How is the weather in your country now? I’d love to hear! :green_heart:

:fireworks: :tada::balloon:

As for me…I live in the Eastern Europe, in a Romanian city, -2°C/28.4°F outside, lot of snow, it’s cold, I hate cold weather, so I wanted to work these days, but as you can see in my photo, this little cute creature took over my laptop, so I have to find something else to do in the meantime :slight_smile: I think I’ll go with my family in the city center, to see the fireworks tomorrow night. :blush: :fireworks:

How is the New Year’s Eve in your country? Share some photos, we’d love to see them!



Happy New year! The weather is snowing outside the window and already about a month, fog, today -21 degrees Celsius! I upload and work on tracks. The new year is a family holiday (father and stepmother , they tomorrow work at night), so I spend my time with my wife, although my friend recently called me for a barbecue tomorrow (December 31), but we still think :slight_smile:

I will share but a little later! :blush:


Can you believe it? I’m already freezing! And my weather app shows 42 degrees Celsius comming in Melbourne, Australia, on 04 January, 2019? :sunny::slight_smile: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They were lucky! In Australia, December, January, February are the hottest months( if I’m not mistaken), in these months we have a bitter cold (especially the end of December and up to the 20th of January)!


Hello @hevada and all community

I am from Ahmedabad, India, here also winter season now, temperature not less then -10°C, Your weather too much cold :slight_smile:

We are celebrating new year with family.

Μay this year Βring new Ηappiness, Νew targets, Νew accomplishments and Α parcel of Νew motives on yοur life. Wishing yοu happy new year 2019


Happy New Year folks!

I’m sure 2019 will be much better in every aspect for authors


Hi! I’m Paul. Happy New Year! Hello from Moscow! In winter, it is quite cold and frosty, but in these New Year holidays there will be a temperature (-2°C). I will spend these New Year’s holidays with my friends, whom I rarely saw during the year. I would like to wish all the authors a great mood in the new year, more kindness, more smiles and bright emotions. I believe that the new year will make it possible to achieve new successes, make your parents and friends and yourself happy. I wish everyone to remain fantastically creative, self-confident and the best in their business. We will all succeed!


Hello @hevada!

Wishing you health, happiness and success in 2019.

Like you, I am not a big fan of cold weather. I live in Montana in the U.S., which is also snowy and cold in the winter. It isn’t unusual to have -20 degrees or colder here. Here is the view from my studio:

I am traveling to shoot TV commercials in January, but spent December here with family and friends. I also produced and uploaded several new tracks to AudioJungle. I’m not sure if that’s the best strategy in December (uploading non-Christmas tracks), but I enjoy doing it.

What is your cat’s name? He is adorable. Here is a photo of my best friend, Walter, taken this past summer.

Thanks for starting this thread. Cheers!


I forgot to mention.
My cat Scotty is ready for the night as well. And wishes you a good year! :smile_cat:


It’s Layla, a 6 months female, also responds to “crazy cat” :rofl:

Thanks everyone for participating to this thread, I love reading your posts :balloon::tada:


Happy 2019 everyone! I post this message in 3,54 PM and I go sleep!

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Hi there, in Buenos Aires Argentina, is 2nd of january but it seems like it is sunday. No one in the street and a lot of places closed. It is really hot, 28°C and the humidity is at its highest 97% so my guitar feels like a banana, it is hard to tune it with this dense ambient.
As a freelancer I didn’t stop working and not having vacation this year neither (last vacations were on 2016) but I have big plans with my family for this year, so that is a big motivation.
Happy new year for all !


Hello @hevada!

Wishing you all health, happiness and success in 2019.

I am Siva living in London. It is cold but it is only 6C and getting colder.

New Years we had lovely fire works in London and all the major Cities in UK.