Happy International Women's Day from Envato Tuts+!


Happy International Women’s Day from everyone at Envato Tuts+!

Here’s a roundup of the articles we published on Tuts+ today:

###Stick to Your Vision and Create Your Own Opportunities: Advice To Our Younger Selves, in Photo & Video

by @shrutishekar, @DawnOosterhoff, @MarieGardiner, @amy_touchette, @TiffanyBO and @katehunter

To celebrate, we asked our instructors and staff three questions:

  1. What advice would you give your younger self?
  2. Is there a woman who’s work you are really loving right now?
  3. Is there a woman photographer/videographer you look to as a hero?

###10 Leading Women in the Cocoa Community, in Code

by @bartjacobs

No matter who you are, if you need that extra push to exceed your own expectations, then let these women inspire you on your journey.

###How Welcoming are WordCamps to Women?, also in Code

by @rachelmccollin

It’s International Women’s Day, a worldwide event designed to raise the under-representation of women
in many walks of life and encourage us all to open up more opportunities to women and girls.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to take a look at gender diversity at WordCamps, and compare these with other tech events. The WordPress community has got a good story to tell on gender and WordCamps, thanks to the hard work of people in the community to ensure that all feel welcome and included at WordCamps.

###Thoughts From “Ladies that UX Lisbon”, in Web Design

by Andreia Paralta Carqueija

Ladies that UX is a community of women dedicated to sharing experiences. It was founded in
London by two amazing Ladies who wanted to celebrate women in our industry. I joined LadiesthatUX Lisbon a year or so ago and it’s been an amazing journey.

###10 Influential Women of Art Throughout History, Design & Illustration

by @marywinkler

What better way to celebrate here than with a top ten list of influential women artists? The following list, in no particular order, highlights some fantastic artists who broke boundaries, stand as major influences, and contributed greatly to the world of art throughout history and today.

Happy International Women’s Day!


Thank you for these articles they were very interesting.