Happy Diwali in advance my envato friends

This Diwali Let us give thanks for all we hold dear: Our Health, Our Family, Our Friends and to the grace of god which never ends.

what is Diwali?

UPDATE: I asked uncle google about Diwali - this is Indian holiday of light

Happy Diwali = vodka :slight_smile: hehehehe

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Hahahahahahaha not vodke this is a indian festival

Vodka is ok.

you don’t have vodka? I can deliver it to you :slight_smile: I can - all India could be drunk if I came :slight_smile:

I am from Nepal and I too celebrate Diwali :slight_smile: So Indian Festival may not be the appropriate word… I would say its festival which is celebrated by all Hindus around the world :slight_smile:

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Yes! But not only hindu! This festival celecbrating All region indian, nepal and other countries.

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Diwali: Festival of lights and happiness :slight_smile:

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