Happy B-day too me

Today i make 18 years, 4 years since i make what i love. I’m very proud for what i make and i’m very happy that Envato offer me this ocasion to make money from what i love to make. I love all things on this community, a community like a familiy. Thanks for all Envato team, a proffesional and a really team, thanks for all members, who are here and who help me, comments to my items and couraje me to continue, thanx for my buyers who helped me to live at my age without money from another parts. I’m very happy to be here and cause i found this amazing community, people, staff. All good for everyoane, thanx, love you guys.

P.S. I don’t make much sales, 1 in 3 days or 2 but now i think Envato make me a gift because in 14 hours i make 5 sales. Yuppi

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Happy birthday! today is my sister’s birthday also…hope you enjoy your day to the fullest! :grin:

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Happy Birthday for she :slight_smile: and thanks :slight_smile: