Happy 1000 sales

I’m very happy to have 1000 sales. I wanted to sell as much as other authors. I worked hard, but site experiments and policies impressed me.

I hope every authors who produces quality content earns a lot of money from this site.

My advice to new authors: Follow the forum more. Read old articles. Use the forum search tool.

Thank you envato :slight_smile:


Congratulations on a great result! :balloon::sparkles::medal_sports:

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Congrats :partying_face: I’m happy for you. I’m seeking as much as I can to reach level 7, I’m almost there to reach level 6 need just a few sales and the badge level 6 will pop-up :smiley: … Wish to all success and happy life :+1:

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thank you for your advices…

Congratulations for your effort and earnings…

may god bless you more…

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Congrats!! :wink::+1::tada::balloon::trophy: