Happening again. Rejection after rejection

I’ve been a member now for over a 5 years and during this time I had rejections on my designs and I am ok with that. I know sometimes some of the designs maybe doesn’t suit well for you (considering they sell on other places).

However, I always just go forward and not bother until now. I submit a new design 2-3 days for Motorhome tri-fold brochure and for my surprise the design was rejected. With all my respect to all of the reviewers but this is really strange decision for me. As a freelancer graphic designer and author here, I do my research and I know the quality of my work. Otherwise, I’ll probably work 9-5 and not being a freelancer at all.

This design is for Motorhomes Hire and is InDesign file. It is quality, high-standard and most of all there isn’t a don’t a single Motorhome tri-fold brochure for sale on GraphicRiver. After searching the market There is 0 results in the search.

So I don’t understand how come a quality design for a niche that doesn’t have anything for on GraphicRiver can be rejected that easy.

As I mentioned earlier I know is hard for reviewers and I know they go throughout a lot of work but I am really upset of this decision and till I wait for more answers from Envato I am looking for some feedback here.

I know this is probably not a relevant but all these rejections start soon I change from exclusive to a non-exclusive author.

I hope I can get some feedback from you guys.

I am happy to send source files for anyone who wants to look.

Kind Regards


Be sure. There is always a reason for reject. If you want feedback, you should show your rejected item here, because none of us have extrasensory abilities :wink:

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Good point romlan. So here is the design :slight_smile:

hey buddy do not be surprised , there are tons of rejections nowadays , including items from really great designers … lots of my friends, like Darkmonarch, MatteoGianfreda, who are great talents and create huge things had a lot of items rejected … me too , i do not consider myself as talented as them but i had incredible hard rejections too … it doesn’t not have anything to do with u , this is impossible to get to know what can make it nowadays …

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Yep. Envato became a strange place and most important not supportive to any of us. I am totally no bother anymore as the reviewers don’t care anymore.

Consider there is not even one template for motorhomes here it showing how much they know about the actual market.

That’s the problem. Didn’t you wonder that there is not a single Motorhome tri-fold brochure? Because this is a narrowly focused theme. If I make a brochure for firms making saddles for unicorns of pink color from southern Zealand, of course I will not find something like that on the Graphicriver. But this is not necessary for anyone. Why make a brochure for Motorhome, if you can make an adaptive brochure for just about anything?
Look for the golden mean between uniqueness and relevance

i know what u are talking about Georgi, i had been through this kind of experience too, the fact of the matter is that i had a composition of fruit making a face in one of my designs and guess what despite the thing looked fair and that it was not seen in this place, the thing was bashed instantly lol after that they will tell us that they look for originality and approve the same old quickly done things that a few guys do so that they submit 4 to 7 things daily … design in this environment is easy … put a brush in the back, melt a picture put a model and two central texts on top of it and here we go … this is the kind of originality that people are expecting here … this is how some guys end up with 3000 or 2000 items and get a lot of exposure out of flooding the market with average level items to say the least … and this is also how lots of guys receive dry hard rejections after they have been working hard on their items, that look good and original , but they are binned lol

LOL well this is your analyse , and what is it based upon? did u have a deep analysis of the market to draw this conclusion?! lol u maybe right for adaptable things, no doubt, this is always better this way but how can u know what is working or not and think that his type of creation has no potential, when nobody knows, starting nay envato, themselves!

besides if u feel like this is better to create things that are not a niche , well this is your right and i have the right to feel the other way around too …

take a look at what happened this summer , they have been badly pushing people into doing typo based 4 th of july flyers , and they promote this style as they like it , and guess what happened there were almost exclusively some items like this in the first page of results and guess what?! despite the great exposure received by all the concerned items, 75 % of them had no sale at all!

I have only one things to say to romlam. In UK there is over 5000 companies in this business. Only in UK. And I am fortuned to work with few of them. So is that not a niche???

The reality is simple. Soon I decide to sell on other places and stop my exclusive envato account the rejections start coming like a storm.

It happened exactly the same last time I decide to go non exclusive. Soon I get back to exclusive I start getting approval.

After requesting a more deep feedback I got answer from reviewer. Have to say very poor. If only look the marketplace you’ll see many items feet this feedback.

I may agree only for the font but this is not a reason for hard rejection. Can be asked as before to replace the font and resubmit.

So here’s how it go:
The overall design is not very dynamic, that is, there is a lot of “sameness” to it. Same size text blocks, same size photos, same size shapes. In addition, the Roboto font doesn’t work well in this design. It was developed for Google’s Android platform, so it’s not the best choice for print. I would suggest using a font with a little more personality and character, and choosing two different, contrasting fonts for the headers and the body copy.

This is a information brochure for a product people want to see what they spending. What means dynamic. You want to hire motorhome or go party? Same size photos. Hmmm, yes they are as they show the motorhomes you may want to hire. Same size shapes. Again, is a technical data so what shapes people want. Honestly, most plain feedback I ever read.

Georgi, rejections do not have anything to do with exclusive or not lol if u think that they even check about it, u are very ambitious indeed lol they do not even check what they are accepting so that they are coherent , so if u feel like they waste some time to check this, u are just misleading … many guys like @Darkmonarch or i have frequent hard rejections and both of us are exclusive authors and experienced designers … maybe u do not realise about it but the fact of the matter is that tons of guys complain about the same thing in the forums and this is just the peak of the iceberg indeed as many are not posting anything here …

as for niches u are perfectly right Georgi and we know that , especially if we are or have been working in an agency … not to mention that even here some guys are or have been doing well thanks to niches …

Georgi here they are fond of typos as if design was all about typo, period … this maybe an element for modern design, clearly but what about design principles has anyone in envato ever heard about these rules to follow? judging by what they let go, not so sure … as i mentioned in the other thread, the fact of the matter is that they have been preparing people cautiously about their new horrible author killing introduction in which customers will be able to customise designs through automated systems … and no one saw seem to have seen it coming but a few old barking dogs like me … as mentioned on many occasion this past 4th of joy was revealing of their intention to promote font based styles, the result of this?! a full page of typo based 4 th of july flyer and 75 % of then , despite the great position in terms of exposure that they had been given, had no sale at all

BTW once again i mentioned about it in the forums on multiple occasions , this is incredible that the whole works of authors are binned for a better or typo or footer, when people could drop two lines to explain , authors would fix “the problem” and the thing would normally be approved …

LoL. These are obvious things that don’t need a deep analysis

I don’t upload on here anymore after constant hard rejections, the strange thing is when I uploaded the same designs to my other marketplace I made 4 sales of one flyer in a week and 3 sales each on the other 2 designs in the same week, so it makes you wonder if the reviewers are really up to the job. Oh and by the way double the money as well, I get $6.30 of a $9.00 sale.