Hang Out With Us At WordCamp Europe In Vienna

Heya folks!

As you may or may not know, WordCamp Europe 2016 is just around the corner! Since we have quite a few people interested in both WordPress and community meetups, we’ve decided it might be a good idea to get together! Vienna is the host city of WordCamp Europe between the dates of 24th and 26th of June and we’d love to see you there.

We’ve created a quick nvite page for easy RSVP so we know who’s going to be around. We’ll follow-up here with any additional details, as soon as we know more.

Additionally, for those of you attending the event, we are also organising a general tourist day on the 23rd, in which we’ll be walking around and seeing some of the more interesting spots in Vienna.

Looking forward to meeting anyone who’s dropping by, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop either of us a quick line.

You can ping either James @jamesgiroux or Calin @contrastbdesign on Twitter if you have any question or just want to say hi :slight_smile:



Just seen that the final date for the meetup is Thursday, 23rd, 9pm. Unfortunately can’t make it because we’ll arrive to Vienna only by Friday morning.

Will there be other plans for Envato authors? It would be really great to meet some of you guys who have already made it…

Also, I didn’t find any methods on nvite.com to un-rsvp myself…

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Hey @a-idea! Looking forward to meeting you the next day :slight_smile: Don’t worry about the nvite RSVP, I’ll take care of that. The general plan was to meet anyone that’s already in, the day before, and prepare a bit for the following days, so there should be quite a few more opportunities to meet up at a later point over the weekend :thumbsup:

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That’s great news! Then see you in Vienna!
(how will we find each other with the other Envato guys?)

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@a-idea easiest approach would be via Twitter, as most (if not all) of us have and use it… and we’ll likely be around the MQ area anyway :slight_smile: Just ping me or James when you’re around.

Thanks, @contrastblack, good idea!