Handy Seamless Transition license for youtube videos

I want to know that if I buy the seamless transition pack from videohive. Am I allowed to use it as many times as I need for my videos. I want to use it on videos for my youtube, instagram, social media but the license says 1 product only. Also for the graphics pack by motionbro. Do I need to buy it everytime for a video .
I have like travel clips that I want to use but I have multiple videos to be made. And I am hoping to buy the transition pack once and use it for my my videos for social media.

Thank you.

Hi there,

all After Effects projects are sold under the regular or extended license.
Videohive sets the rules of these licenses and what can and what cannot be done.
Even if an author tells you that you can do more than what is written in the videohive license terms, this is the license you buy here and even if some authors misinterpret the license, you should be sure to know what you are buying and what you can do.

Thankfully, videohive made some easy-to-read FAQs that will answer your question. Take a look at this section of the FAQs:

Basically, if all your videos belong to a series, you can use the item for every video (up to 52 videos up to one year)