'Handpicked by Envato' block is really handpicked by a human?

Hello all,

Just curious is ‘Handpicked by envato’ block curated by real humans? Go to this page and check ‘Handpicked by Envato’ block. Envato recommend to their buyers a theme with 1 star rating? Hm…

They selected 2-3 sets of items per category several months ago - when they started testing - and just rotating them every week.

So yeah, they may have been “handpicked” at some point but they aren’t updated. Just a weekly rotation of sets chosen months ago.

Not “hand picked” but I would say “algorithm picked” (if there is any other than a “randomized” loop) - What about “this week’s designer”… Hand picked? Well, I don’t think so.

Adding an “if” conditional to avoid those low rating products could help though. :wink: