Halloween/horror flyer rejected

My Halloween/horror flyer been rejected.
Im sorry that I don’t have the rejected flyer version cause i overwrite it.
I think that the typo was letting me down so I changed my whole typo.
I guess that the quality of the artwork is good but hesitate about the typo.
This is my new version so what you think about it?
Is the main creep maybe to scary?


My friend! That title speak for itself “Horror” and kills all aroud

Ok, I give it a try with a Halloween title and not horror. Maybe that’s the main problem. Thnx

The main text isn’t too scary guys. maybe you can add a grunge effect then add a little splash of blood.

I can make a very scary title that give you chills all over your body :wink: no problem but than it’s not editable anymore. Thnx

I keep it editable and the title is much scary now.
I upload it so hope it got approved. :slight_smile:


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hi buddy, sorry to tell u the truth like this but indeed, @DesignSomething was right, the typo really made u dropped the ball when u had made a 90 yards run through the opposite team in a row otherwise. Apart from the typo this is a really really good work all the way otherwise. This is such a pity … of course the second try is slightly better but this is not super innovative nor is it really matching either. I guess changing the colors would help in this case but I am not sure that it will necessary reach the standards all the same as they are high here and there is a problem of disposition here (if I were u I would completely take out the header texts, they really ruin the great work u have done otherwise). U know I think that u should design book covers and other artworks for merchandise for example they do not really necessary need typo and these formats would value fully the greta potential that u have (this is just a sideway thinking , independent from the suggestions that I would make for your flyer). Anyway , back to the flyer and typo, one of the major things here is the lack contrast that the text is offering as regard to the background , this is simply bringing additional trouble to the table as this is bringing also some readability and hierarchy of information issues. I guess part of the solutions would be these ones … turn the stroke of the central titles to blue-green color (to match with the background), give them a outer blue glow, turn the footer text into adapted colors so that they can spring out, by using blue rather than red and a lotto issues will suddenly disappear , I assume …

the problem is that if he adds a grunge effect that will make the text less readable too and the kind of text he uses is already eroded ,so the choice is rather to change the font, which is possible or simply add some blood drips to make the thing more scary (but the issue with this is that he red here comes a bit out of the blue …)

yes i agree with you

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@n2n44 allright it doesn’t matter if you tell me the truth.
It matters that with your advise my typo goes to the next level.
And really didn’t see the type error even with the second flyer.
Ofcourse it is Thriller.
Im glad that you like my artworks cause i spent a lot of time on every detail.

So i must skip the reds and add blue and green colors to the typo.
I will change that and hope it is better, thnx.

hi buddy the thing that is difficult with the typo is that this is hard to explain sometimes why the thing is not the proper one … this is a matter of global harmony in the first place. I agree that the second try was much more acceptable and even if I guess u could have found better combinations again, this was still sort of acceptable but the fact of the matter is that, as I explained, the typo part is not only limited to used fonts , combinations and so on, but also the positioning and how u make your text spring out, especially the most essential ones … pls keep in mind that the flyer has to keep being efficient as well, after all what is the point of having a text if this is hardly visible , I guess it makes sense (even though I understand that sometimes to match the whole style in a flyer this is quite a temptation to introduce colors and layer styles not really making the item look outstanding …). Otherwise really Blaxid gave u the solution for this one? lol . When it comes to skipping the red, it depends on u and what u plan to do indeed, if u ever feel like introducing some blood drips that may not make super sense , though u will still have an issue of global harmony if u feel like opting for this solution. If I were u I would rather try to use the color as I mentioned and add a outer blue glow, but this is an issue of “artistic” and thus personal choices, u have to forecast what will be the impact of both solutions and how your work will come out being great the most … finally to further comment something that u said , yes this is really not that difficult to find out that u spent a good deal of time, good and coherent work takes a good deal of time to be done and - apart from some guys who tend to be sort of geniuses naturally (I know one this is the reason why I say this lol) - if the thing looks good , most of the time this implies time and significant effort