Halfway to elite!



I just realized that recently I passed the halfway point to Elite on AudioJungle! Two years has passed since I began so my goal is to keep the sales stable and hit Elite in two years from now! Let’s see how it will go :slight_smile:


You are one of the author with the great persistence in AJ mate, keep it up and surely you will get there in no time! Wish me luck too :wink:


Cheers mate, and definitely good luck wishes to you too! I’m sure we’ll hit it at the same time :slight_smile:


WOW. Great. Wish you big motivation and keep going.


Come on Driving! It will be so cool to see you in the Elites throne :slight_smile:


Good luck for that :slight_smile:


Me too :slight_smile: So let´s go for it as soon as possible ! Congrats to you!




Graham - you & me on the ELite throne as King & Queen …hm…who´s who? :slight_smile:


Erm - I shall be the Princess


good luck :slight_smile:


Wow, over 500 Audio Jungle items impressed me. Congratulation mate.


Big congratulations. You have a great portfolio, one of my favorite portfolios in AJ. Keep going!


Cheers for the support guys! My main principle is to try and prove that it is possible to do reasonable sales on AJ without dwelling purely in the inspiring corporate madness. :slight_smile:


Incredible! So good to see how fast you’re moving! Hope one day I can catch up :slight_smile: