Haitian devloper

Hello, is it allowed to Haitian to put his work on themeforest?

I ask this. Because i have an Author account. But every time i try to put my works on the platform it is rejected. I want to know why.

Hello! Envato company does not have any restrictions for certain groups of people. Anyone from any corner of the Earth has the same rights as others. If your items were rejected, then there are problems with design or UX / UI or commercial potential, etc… If you’d like to get advice from other sellers on the site, just post a preview of your rejected messages here.

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As @romlam stated, the issue is related to the design/code quality but you can check other people from the link below from the same country:


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Okay thanks. I saw an ad regarding ID verification. I haven’t been asked to do this yet. isn’t it a problem

Except those who lives on territories under sanctions:


Yes. I know. From almost any corner of the Earth. I did not mention this because Haiti is not on this list

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