Had a strange situation and in need of a little review.

First of all, thanks for taking the time to listen to this. I had a strange back and forth with this track, they first gave me a soft reject and after the issues brought forward were addressed (mainly the drums were too loud) i got a hard reject as it doesn’t meet the composition and quality standards. And i want to know, what do you think? Any thoughts are appreciated, thank you in advance!

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Awesome track ! but …
I think monotonous in the beginning , need a balance , a lot of the high frequencies !

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Maybe it’s my monitors but I hear too much compression here.

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Odd, i haven’t done anything different than what i normally do.

Those synt basses could be a sensitive point to use. Also the kick was a little odd, and the track length. Otherwise a colorful track!

Maybe there is a Limiter on a Master Track?

I’d definitely try a shorter intro and a shorter, more compact arrangement.
Plus, from 0:50 I can hear distortion coming from heavy compression. It’s a matter of taste but for me it’s an issue.