Hacking attempt


I wanted to point out that there has been an attempt to spread malware or to hack my account. There was a supposed customer who tried to buy my stuff via paypall (which wasn’t true) and it didn’t work out.

He attached a zip with “screenshots” to the email. In this zip file were files like “screenshot1.jpg.js” which is a truly crappy attempt. Inside this js file was a big base64 + eval of code. I’m not going to try this, seeing it’s a clear risk.

The buyer who tried this is registered under the following name: chensmocedis1981 and his email is wey5p7oawke@mail.ru

I’m not sure that i’m allowed to post this information but the more people warned the better.

Hoping on an official response because this is quite dangerous imho.


Please report to envato support : http://help.market.envato.com

also there is another thread for the same issue

Thank you, didn’t see it was a duplicate.

No Issues :smiley: