guys need help still fighting with soft reject


i have submitted my first item on TF a month after i got two soft rejects but they were clearly understood but this time i have been rejected saying

  1. Parts of your design are either difficult to read or have contrast issues. Please make sure all sections of your design have adequate contrast and all text is easily readable.
  2. This item is currently loading a high number of external files and/or performing slowly. Please focus on reducing the number of HTTP requests and improving the overall performance of this item is making before resubmitting.

I still need to understand why Site loading is not fine wheres the contrast issues.

Assembly Theme.

Thanks. for Your time.


I think they’ve given some specific feedback. Address them. I actually didn’t notice contrast issues since I’m not a designer. As for the speed issue, try loading time checkers, and use cache and CDN if required to speed things up. It’s a great product you’ve got there! :slight_smile:


Your photos in the slider did not seem dark, but it is not bright, and it really is very contrasted with the second section.

About loading problem try to use google speed tool to investigate:


Thanks guys


The title in above fold area is dull due to the overlay effect I think.
Literally wherever you have used #a1a1a1 as color looks very dull. i wud try #666 instead.


thanks for review in so details