Guys, My item has been hard rejected anyone can help?

I submitted my item like 12 day ago, but today i have received an email that the item has been hard rejected .
I am asking if anyone can help to know the reasons, make some changes and resubmit

Demo Link:

You need to share demo links, please see if you can help

That looks likes functioning site? Is it the site this is built on that you want to sell as stock?

yes i created that as demo

99% the musicians name and any links to their stuff would need to go from the demo.

Does that demo site actually function fully?

Assuming there’s no issues around that then the design could do with uplifting and modernising a bit - really consider attention to detail and versatility layout options

Any one can help to make these change and get approved, is that service there? because now i am so busy i can not work on it

They can make the changes but the theme won’t be approved with them there (copyright).

granted this is quite a unique concept for here but unfortunately you still need to include other features and layouts and refine the design a bit too before its up to standard for here.

can you please let me know who can do these changes