guys if I add customizations to my product it is allowed?

Let say after they purchase my item, hey must pay for customizing?

Yes - customisation is not included

Does this include GraphicRiver items as well? Most of the things mentioned in the article seem to be directed at ThemeForest and CodeCanyon, which to me makes more sense anyway.

What are your plans that you’re talking about?

Ultimately it’s up to you but It’s the same for any item - if they want modifications or customisation then they should pay you for it.

They are not purchasing a custom version… imagine if that was the case with one of the big selling items - that could leave the author facing hundreds of edits each month!!

Ah yea, I understand. I wasn’t really thinking of it in that way, since I thought that was sort of a given. I was thinking more along the lines of selling an item that requires further payment for customization.

The thing is you have different buyers - some will be Photoshop or Illustrator pros who can make any required changes with their eyes closed; but some will still be on MS Paint, and have no real clue about the potential complexity of what they are asking for.

The only way to be consistent and fair on everyone is to not include customisation.

Of course, completely agree, I think a general rule is that all items should be easily usable right out of the box, at least as much as possible, otherwise the item should be clear whether or not it requires a bit of knowledge, be it basic or advanced, and any needed information should be in a help file included with the item.

As far as is reasonably possible that is very true but those policies are there to clarify and most of all protect both buyers, e.g. if an item has a glaring error that the author just ignores, AND authors, e.g. with a WP theme if a buyer asks for complex and additional Ajax features. (All just an example as it’s impossible to have “one size fits all” guidelines)

hi indeed , customization is not support , u are expected to provide people with support in case they need help, if u are asked to edit the file (so customize it as u mentioned) then normally u have to arrange with your customer directly about the fee , as for i know

Thanks guys this so much help

u are welcome