Guys Help Please

Hello and Merry Christmas and Happy new year everybody!
Can you help me? ^^
I have 1.82$ on my balance and want to buy winter action for 2$…so i need 0.2$ but can add only 20$ by paypal. It is too expencive for me. please buy my chippest stuff if you can. God bless you!

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Hello @alienn ,
Done :slight_smile:

Happy new year too !


God bless you! :innocent:

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Oh, @loopus dude, thank you so much!
and @Cryonics gyus I wish you luck, happiness and peaceful sky! you are good persons.


happy new year , best of lcm for you during this year :wink: i have one question, why u don’t simply wait for your next sale and purchase your item afterwards?