guy please Help me, my Template has been rejected

this is my template i think is good design but was hard rejected with a reason it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward.

can you tell me whey please?
i have an other question can i resubmit this template when i fix all issues ?

thank you guys


With respect very intro level design for multipages standard and no premium design. Just a home page with few sections and no other pages design. Header is not standard for a full multipages template. Really not a premuim template, you are not submitting for a free of cost template, you are submitting to get sale and earn from the template. So, you have to make a quality template which will focus your talent and quality to attarct customers.

themforest quality standard and requirements improved much. for getting approve you have to provide unique aesthetics design with best UI and have to put premium design. Please study more on trending themes on this market especially released within the last 12 months.

Answer yur question:
already hard rejected Item again resubmit not acceptable by envato. You may re-submit once you have done significant changes and can be considered as a completely new item that is entirely distinguishable from the first upload. So that it look and feel as like a totally new Item.


thank you so much, This template does not contain problems of design and spacing …?

Because I send the template to make sure it does not contain problems then I will develop it and adding many pages and sections

I have told about design standard in my first reply. You have only few section and those are not premuim design. So, will be better if you make a ful template with unique aesthetics design with caring design aspect as like spacing & alignment, typograhy and visual hierarchy, contrast etc. Thanks

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