Guitar or Sample?

I know that samples can sound great and with a bit of amp modelling and played well can sound excellent but…

Which do you prefer and why?


Have you had success with both?

Disclaimer: I’m a beginner

Samples are hard to find but easier to process. Usually it’s already a clean recording and saves you all the hassle of getting a perfect sound and recording a guitar. But at the same time it gives you (at least me) a feeling that you cheated. Using my own guitar and playing is much more rewarding to me.

Ideally I would like to record everything by myself, when I have enough time for it in the future.

It depends from your particular goal and skill. Some music good enough with sample libraries some with live guitar. Which better is not the right question i guess.

I used both. Samples can not produce some live sound of real electric guitar or acoustic guitar.

As a guitarist myself I always use the real thing… I haven’t heard a sample that in my opinion even comes close.

Yes, it can take some time to get the right sound, but this gets quicker over time with practice and the end result is always heaps better.

Well, if you want to make a guitar track you need a guitar. If you want a guitar-ish colour to to mix with other sounds, you can get away with samples I guess.

Why bother with samples or even the real thing? The future is now gentlemen, or… well…, in the 80s:

Mmmm nice…

THE REAL DEAL… Always!!! Ive never used samples, I have used some digital processors, but if you have the money, a nice class A tube amp with an open back cab, maybe an tube screamer for distortion/gain tone and an SM57 mic you cannot go wrong, just need to spend some time with mic placement and amp EQ, but once you get good sound with minimal pedals and setup you will never want to use samples.

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