Guided Learning Lists for Photo & Video

Continuing the discussion from Whoa. Cool! (Pictures Edition) about lists of articles:

@DawnOosterhoff, you’re definitely on the money about “listacles” of courses and tutorials. In fact, we’re working on guided learning posts already! The plan is to provide a little bit more context than a straight list, though. More like a learning plan or a mini-curriculum.

@andrewchildress has made a few for Lightroom (see Adobe Photoshop Quickstart for example) and we’ll branch out from there. @HarryGuinness’s recent What is the Golden Hour? is another example.

I think, basically, anything with a Learning Guide is a good place to start with one of these. Any topic with a course is a good one, too. I mean, really the Learning Guides should be more than just a collection. This is one way to accomplish that.

I’m also thinking about how to integrate our more creative, less technical, pieces, like the Look at This! series. I think these are nice pieces because they’re a bit unexpected and they can fit lots of places.

Anyway, happy to hear any ideas you might have!

For students reading this: happy to hear your input, too! If there’s a topic that you’re interested in having a guide about, let us know.

My Lightroom community has responded really well to the Learning Guides. I think they’re a really great way to take our content and consolidate them into a useful learning resource.

The blog format is sometimes difficult to peruse if you’re just hitting the homepage. I think the learning guides are a great way to collate the content.