Guide me please how to do that buying website?

I need to make a website, please attention its not similar to many others, thats the conditions:

  • We Buy Files (Virtually) from our customers, only once (That mean 3D artist make a 3D model and sell it to us only once, no body see that the only buyer is us)
  • they should have an account, to sumbit they model, after we proceed that model is ok, will pay them.
  • in duration of process analyse they model maybe have problem, we say them to fix it and re submit.
    How to make it?
    So in conclusion our customers register the account, send they files to us with specific categories and details info, we check it and if was ok, will pay them or charge they account.
    Only sell the model once to us, no body else see that files or buy it from the website or so.

Hope Helpful How to start


You need a custom solution. Check Envato Studio for guys open to do it according to your reqs.