Grow Each Other's Spotify Audience


It is my belief that as our music grows elsewhere, we’ll grow here on AudioJungle (and vice versa). The more people who listen to our music, the more people will like it, and the more people will want to license the tracks. So, why not help each other grow in the direction listening music is evolving?

First of all, 2 requirements to post in this thread:
1. You have AudioJungle music for listening purposes on Spotify, and
2. you commit to follow in an ongoing manner everyone who posts their Spotify profile link in this thread.

The hope is to give preference to your friends, colleagues, and fellow AJ composers. Therefore, don’t just follow each other: add each other’s songs to growing playlists and follow, notice, and give preference to new releases.

Here’s what to do: If your music is on Spotify, post the link to your Spotify profile so you can be followed. By doing this, you are also committing to follow others who have posted links to their Spotify profiles before you in this thread and who will post links after you. Again, it is hoped you give preference to each other’s work. Let’s help each other out and, in the end, help out the AJ market that has opened us up to so many new opportunities.

(Admins, I don’t think this violates any forum rules as Spotify is not a competitor, but if you think it does, by all means shut down this thread)


Here’s my Spotify profile:


Just a heads up guys, Spotify is actively trying to prevent this and it is against their terms of service. I was part of a follow group awhile back and some of the guys lost their accounts… use caution!

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Thanks for the heads up. I did not know this. Maybe this is a bad idea? If no one wants to play, this thread can be deleted.