Group purchase Wordpress theme, anyone?


I am working on a concept and I am not sure if a theme for this actually exist or if it has to be developed from scratch, so I am asking here.

There are 1000s of different sites out there offering daily deals, coupons etc etc and there are numerous Wordpress themes for it as well. What I am looking for is slightly different but still almost the same. In my concept you have 2 different users, you got the person grouped together with X amount of people (USER1) looking for the same product, lets say a car. And you got the second user (USER2) which is the company offering a car. The group of X amount of USER1s makes a quote for a car - the quote goes out to X amount of USER2s offering cars, USER2 can make an offer directly to USER1 / the quote and USER1 decides which offer is the best and then goes through with the sale.

… so is there anything that covers this in Themeforest somehow or does it have to be developed from scratch?