Greetings from Transylvania

Hi guys !

My name is Dani , I go by ZKD on the internet . I am from Romania , more specifically from Transylvania , I do not suck blood ( unprovoked ) , and I come from a mixed family of hungarians and romanians. I made this account a few months ago and I’m really looking forward to start work in a few days ( AJ ) . I heard and read that this is a really friendly , helpful , and open-minded community .

I hope I will make some friends here . If you have advice for starters , it would be great . For now I was looking at what is trending , what is in demand , average track lenghts , the complexity of tracks etc.

Cheers !


Welcome, dear Transylvanian ! :hand: Now you stood up on the long road of trial and errors, a great effort and frustration, but in the end you have to wait for success! Listen Top sellers, length of tracks and variations: about 2:30 and 1:00, 0:30, 0:15 … BUT your track must be Pro quality first of all. Let’s Go !

Welcome ZKD :raised_hands: ! There are lots of tips and experiences, in this link (AJ Book of Tips) you ll find most of them. You can always ask for help at the forums and if you have technical issues you can always submit a ticket to support

Mult Noroc - Good luck!

Thanks man !

Welcome ZKD! Looking forward to hearing some of your music!

Wish you lots of luck and sales here!


Thanks , just started working on it :slight_smile: