Green screen & trailer credits

Dear all,

when watching a movie trailer, you always get first the green ‘approved for … audiences’ screen, and at the end the nice credits (hollywood style). Anybody know where to get the templates for these 2 screens?

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Hi, Check out my items:
CINEMA IMPACT (Green screen, color presets and FILM RATINGS)
and R2-Legacy or DARK OF THE MOON (Trailer credits) or Sky Opener (Dream Works style opener) and (THE ECLIPSE) movie credits.

I hope it will help you


Perhaps there is something that you are looking for Movie Pack.

Thanks guys, appreciated!!

This project has that green screen

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cryvfx said

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This is not what he is searching for…

People if you don’t have a file that he needs don’t post your other files thats just self-promotion and it’s boring…

Yeah guys… make sure links are relevant to what the guy is asking for.

Here it was the green “approved for” screen and a credits roller.