Great 2nd display iOS app



I found this great app yesterday and I wanted to share it with you.
It basically turns your iphone/ipad into a second display, with no latency and great stability.

The app, which is called Duet, must be installed on both pc and iOS device and it works via USB cable (you pay the iOS version only).

It’s very useful if you don’t have enough space for a second monitor and you want to keep a metering plugin always visible. I’m using it with an iPhone, but I think if you have an iPad it would be even better.


Definitely well , that I will once going to use , and while I have no need ))) I’m so I saw that it is very convenient !)))


Never know that it works with iPhone and on PC too. Wanna try it. How do you like your multiple monitoring setup? You use switch witch for that, right?


I love it, very clean and no pops or noises when switching :+1:


I tried it. I don’t have second phone to make photo of this setup, but it works flawlessly. I think to invest in iPad for easy life :slight_smile: Luca, you can also hide meters in SPAN, so it would show only spectrum. For iPhone screen it very handy


Thanks I’ll definitely hide them! I’m also thinking about getting an iPad, now


Thank you!!! :slight_smile:


Very usefull!


thanks ! nice . want to download


That’s an awesome find! Well done! :slight_smile:


This is what I search for years!!! Great! Thanks for sharing!))