GraphicRiver Review Queue Update

We wanted to let you know that we’re currently experiencing higher than average queue lengths for submission to GraphicRiver.

The reasons for this is likely a mix of factors, but the two that stand out are:

  • This is one of our seasonal surges
  • The impact of global isolation is giving more people time to create items

Due to these factors, our queue wait times are higher than normal.

We are currently looking into solutions around how to reduce the queues, and we appreciate your patience during this time.

Adhering to the author quality guidelines is still your best chance of having your items accepted, as well as reducing the queue time for others during this period.


hi these reasons we can identify them (rushing is not really essential at this stage when sales are globally low due to the global pandemic effects), but are u sure that there is not a reduced staff or that the usual staff has reduced working hours?

Hi @n2n44, thanks for the question. We currently have the same staff doing the same hours, we’ve just seen a large increase in item submissions.

Hi, do you have a general estimate of how long the Queue process is currently taking? I have a product right now which has been in for 8 days. Thank you

thank u for your answer Steve but , i do not get it, honestly … why isn’t the policy different here? there is no threshold of daily submissions … some guys post 5,6,7,8 items and the bottom line is that all this is not compatible with quality standards supposed to be demanded here … if in a day time u create so many flyers this basically means that u just do not find concepts, and give little work in what u do … not to mention that these quickly done things, paradoxically are often the ones which end up going through despite they are copies of copies of copies and this is hard to understand … putting a daily submission limit would limit the queueing time and force people into focusing more on quality than quantity … that would solve the problem of excessive waiting at times, of course and at the same time also save the problem of inequalities as regard to search engine and so on … needless to say that if u have several K of items , well this is easy to be found and ultimately to get sales while the work provided was just quickly done …

in GR the latest submissions are reviewed in about 12 days

@steve_lam Suppose, If I upload one Item per day from 1st June to 15th June. Review queue is 15 days. @ 15th day, Will Envato Team check all the 15 Items or just 1 Item i.e. uploaded on the 1st June?

Thank You, Answer appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi @Opera360, normally you’ll have a better chance of things being reviewed together if you upload them around the same time. In your example, it is unlikely that all your items would be reviewed together.

Hi Steve, thanks for the info, any update? The approval time keep increasing, now +15 days…