GraphicRiver rejected

why my graphicRiver item was rejected?IMG-20200702-WA0000

My 10 years old nephew can do much better then this.
This is not an easy money place. You need to spend the next 5 years learning design in order to have a chance here. Anyway they will restrict your upload access for the next 6 months soon.


Very rude decision for new comers :joy: :rofl: :fearful: :scream:

and most importantly this is not solving the problems of some guys who have their styles being liked for a reason that is hard to identify and that have 4,5,6,7, items posted perd day … which basically underlines that there is no research whatsoever being made about it …

hi there
sorry to tell u just this but what is this item supposed to be?
quite frankly at this stage, no clue about what this is , what this is meant for and for whom this is being created … putting coffee in theback like this does not make it look like coffee-related in any way … if u want to create something related to coffee, then this should transpire from the design and u clearly do not have anything like this here … i can understand that maybe there is not need to justify any single thing that we are doing, but all the same … what is the noise? what are those grunge brushes sweeping across, i have no idea at all fro any of the elements that u are using and legitimately i end top having trouble to get to know what the item is made for, addressed to whom and so on … in addition , there is no text, man! no explanation, no personal data … so that would let us guess that this is supposed to be an illustration but there is no design either lol sorry , no offense , ok, but i have to tell u the ugly truth so that u really have in mind that u need to do things with some purpose in mind, just not put some elements right next to each and pray for someone to be interested in the thing lol