Graphicriver no selling and low aproving

Whats heppen i see this weak is having litle trafic on Game assets . I se here people not buyng nothing from anyone is there i problem or. Is becouse people are busy novadays for christmas . Low selling and to litle new stuff from Autors

Just a Christmas, december always poor month

yeah i see its to poor month and dhis moonth is the month i eed more money hhahaha

it depends on what you are selling … lol

we all need money buddy but if u wanna make sure to get some u also sometimes have to adapt to seasonal demands, if u know what i mean …

yeah i understand you i see this month is poor to much

no this is not a poor month , maybe u fail to sell enough, but that’s far away from being a poor month indeed, now it also depends on what u sell … if u o not have seasonal things to sell, then this maybe weaker than it should be. Just for information here normally the second part of the year is better and the last two or three months are the best …

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