Graphicriver, My uploads always rejected!?

My uploads always rejected and cant be re-uploaded. Please help!

Heres my uploads rejected…

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These are flyers, correct? I think they might all have too much small text. If they were to be posted up somewhere, then people should be able to get most of the information at a quick glance as they’re passing by, they should also have a main subject that is really attention grabbing, that way it will draw people in to look at the rest of the information.

The best of the three is the burger one, because it has a space for a large eye catching image, and there isn’t much text and the text that is there is decently large and easy to read. However, the general design is too static, try making things stand out more, maybe make the photo take up more space, put “Big Delicious Burger” right up with the photo so it ties to two together, like you’re saying “THIS is a Big Delicious Burger”, even try making that text bigger, so that you’re saying “I’M A BIG DELICIOUS BURGER, EAT ME NOW”. I think you could even do away with the smaller images and make it all about the main big burger image, make people look at the poster and think “Damn, that looks like a good burger”. Then below that you could keep the opening time and free stuff, but make them bigger too, same layout, just slightly enlarged. Then instead of the “We deliver the best burger in the city”, replace it with a place to put the address, then the smaller text in the corners should be enlarged slightly, and maybe use the same yellow colour that’s on the big burger text. So then you have all the important information readily available, a big amazing, mouth watering burger with some supporting text, a time that they could get that burger, and where they can get it.

Try using that sort of thought process on the other two; reduce amount of content to most important information, use big bold images and text to catch the viewers attention, make sure there’s a hierarchy that guides the viewer, for example the burger poster grabs them with the big burger image then they can instantly see that it’s a “Big Delicious Burger” that they’re looking at, then if they’re interested they will see when and where they can get it.

Hope this helps and best of luck to you.

Thx Xiox i noted your advices

Hi Xiox I revised my burger flyer guided with your advices. What do u think? :smiley:

I noticed on graphicriver flyer submission requirements must be applied bleeds of 3mm, but I apply 5mm bleeds.

Do you think this might be the reason of my uploads being rejected?

Yea, awesome! That’s much more attractive in my opinion. Just keep in mind that the images you used (burger and cowboys in the back) can’t be in the file that you are actually selling unless you made them yourself or have permission to include them in a commercial item. With that being said, I think that the cowboys might not be necessary and also slightly distract the attention away from everything else. Just make sure in the description that you mention that the burger image isn’t included, unless you took the photo, then in that case let people know that it can be replaced with their own images. Also make sure that the PSD file is well organised and easy to customise.

Some things that could enhance it even further:

  • Different title colour, other than grey. Maybe even a different layer style, try something more metallic, not sure if that would look right, but it might.

  • Remove the red blotches from the title, you could say that it’s ketchup or barbecue sauce, but it does look like blood, which isn’t really fitting.

  • Even though the burger image might not be in the actual item, it’d still be good to spice it up a bit. Maybe give it some back lighting, try to make it fit into the “scene” a bit more. Right now it looks like a cutout that was placed down. There’s lots of subtle things you could do to achieve that, like some shading/lighting around the edges, shadow under the burger and on the burger itself. There’s also a lot of red in the poster, so maybe having some of that red light “bleed” onto the burger a little bit could help as well.

thx again for advices :slight_smile: Ill apply them. when I remove the burger from the main file it looks empty like in pic below, should i place a text there your photo here? the cowboys are from a font it says 100% free so i thought i could use it. heres the link can u take a look and tell me if its ok to use it?[]=10&l[]=1

If u think without cowboys its better i will remove them. pls just tell if its better cuz with your help i want this my first upload accepted :smiley:

I got the burger pic from althgough i wont include it in the main file i wanted to choose a pic that has CC0 licence. Can i just use a pic i found on google? cuz there are prettier pics. like for example can i use this pic ofc just for preview it wont be in the main file. lets say this picture can i use it?,islt:4mp,imgo:1&tbm=isch&source=lnt&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj2tZnA-IrTAhXiBZoKHZAYB1YQpwUIEw&biw=1920&bih=868&dpr=1#imgrc=3PUqxKq7aO41ZM:

what do u think?

should i add a text to the space when i remove the burger pic “your photo here” ?

They look to be flyers for the corporate category. It’s normal to have more small text and more info on that kind of flyer. They aren’t posters, they’re flyers you hand out so they can have more info. There isn’t a problem with the amount of text on these designs, it’s just the overall quality of the layouts need to be improved. They are a good start, definitely on the right track, but they need to be improved.

Xiox and Toivo what do u think about the fitness one? Pls advice how i can improve it?

Basically I think the graphics are quite good. Possibly the man isn’t completely central in the composition, I would make him exactly centred to make it look balanced. But mostly it’s all about the typography, you need to work on creating a layout that looks more appealing and works in terms of visual hierarchy. At the moment it doesn’t work well at all, I would rework it completely. I guess I would just recommend browsing lots of similar designs, maybe reading some articles about typography, and trying again. I’ve been through the same problems myself, for me typography is a separate skill in itself and it takes time and patience to get good at it.

Do u think it is rdy to reupload?