graphicriver login user confirmation redirects to themeforest

When I login to, I get a user confirmation page asking for my country, email spam inclusion and accepting terms and conditions. When I submit that form, I get redirected to themeforest. When I go back to graphicriver, I get the same user confirmation again. If I select any of the menu items or enter a search, I once again get the user confirmation page. I can’t actually do anything, I either fill in the form and end up at themeforest, or I navigate around and all links lead to the same form.

There is also no way to send private support requests, only a quite minimal knowledge base and forums, and I wasted 20 minutes looping around and around being redirected to various envato sites with various states of logged in and not logged in. Is logging in across sites even being tested?

How do I get out of this loop and actually use the site? Otherwise all I can do is close the page. I can’t even delete my account!

What a pathetic company. No way to contact them for support, their staff don’t monitor forums, and they seemingly don’t care whether I can even login or not. Not what I’d expect from fellow Australians.

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Hi @kashum. Have you already contacted our Help team about this, after posting in this this thread?

If you haven’t, please open a Help ticket, providing as much detail as possible to help them replicate the problem - they’ll be able to help you out.

You would think after hearing “how do I contact support” a billion times that someone would make it easier. :wink: