graphicriver hard rejected why?


I’ve created the created business design, and it is hard rejected,
But they did not give any specific reason. So why did my logo design hard reject?
My business card was quality or not
As new I want to know the reason.

I’m working hard to create these items and I want to know the rejection reason because I don’t want to waste my time and energy on items that will be rejected.
please help me my 12 to 15 item has been rejected.

I am very disheartened please can you guide me properly.


With respect there’s nothing here -

  • It breaks every design basic rule with spacing, hierarchy, typography etc

  • Could be created in minutes

  • Logo looks like stock

People assume this is an easy category because there is not much to it but in fact it’s harder because it requires pixel perfect design


That logo is the official Apple App Store icon… :sweat_smile:
If you use copyrighted material in your designs it will always be first rejected just for that.


Working hard LOL

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