[Graphic River] Is the preview image set important for customers?


This question is more targeted to customers than the creatives over the market.

I’m just wondering how important is the additional preview image set while deciding the purchase of item on Graphic River?

I used to upload always, but after the update with on mouse overlay over the main preview came, which is disturbing while browsing on mobile devices I have stopped. Not sure how many people browse items on mobile devices, and not sure how important for customers is the possibility of bigger single image views.

I will be happy to hear your opinion.
Thank you, Soul :innocent:


hi buddy wel thank you for this thread because honestly i was wandering the same with all what is going on wither their SEO announcement and thread i guess we can all legitimately wander this , i do not identify what is the bets formula but i have taken out the mockup version as main image and included to the preview set in order to make sur that the weight of the page is answering to their requirements and is that helping in any way as fro all the rest, i have no idea … if anyone knows the answer to all the questions , ps feel free to tell :slight_smile:


Thank you Nico,

it seems that talking about “why me” rejections here on forums is more important than talking about how to make things work better :sweat_smile:
Im not sure if I get you right, because there is no must of adding the additional previews.

What I dont like about preview image set is that on mobile devices you cant view the product page comfortable, because always the preview set lightbox jumps off.

On the other side, if I dont add the image set, maybe potential customers will be worried about the high res quality (although the preview image sets are not much hi-res)


you know buddy i think that both are important , envato have left us (especially the more experienced of us) the responsibility to explain to guys what is supposed to be wrong with their items and i personally do not believe that this is a anything else but a big deal. that is true, try to think about it the guys who come to ask are doing their best , invest time and effort in what they do and in the end they do not have even an explanation of what is wrong , so these topics are essential because these answers are much required for the concerned guys … . however this is also cool to deal something else obviously and , i have to disagree with u also … indeed lots of us and especially me are concerned about thing getting better or working more efficiently or that they are more author-oriented …

are u sure about not having to provide them with a preview set? as for me i have never done anything like skipping this part and i am almost sure that u cannot finish uploading if u are not providing them with this set …

i am just like u not sure about how people use the additional previews or not , i personally use it exclusively to get to see a creation when the main image is not working , but , on the other hand i am not buying items so not sure about what a usual buyer does as far as this is concerned …


Yes youre right, Im not saying that talking about probable rejection reasons is bad, it was more the joke, since most of threads are about this.

Yes I am sure, since I do not provide the additional preview sets with my latest uploads, and also there is a possibility of deleting one you have already uploaded, without any other changes of item.

And the last one is the question, yes. Im trying to analyse it somehow, but not sure, because items are selling their own ways, sometimes surprisingly, sometimes not :slightly_smiling:


well u are right but i am making the most of the opportunity to say that even if they are the main topic that we see on regular basis they are also less and less numerous and more dramatic again … there are less and less threads and people being linked to GR here … almost all guys are gone , the Gr forum has almost died indeed …


if u ask me the system is completely unfinished anyway … the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of things that we cannot change on our own and this is really incompatible with all the new things they do with the SEO and so on … they tried to explain us how to make better SEO, in the end,m as for me i tried to change the name of my fiels for more efficiency and guess what ? we cannot do alone , additional reviewing is required and as u can never make sure of what is going to happen with reviewing process , u have a risk to get rejected or something , so in short this is completely incredible all the way …


Regarding the Gr forums, true theres not many users here, and I didnt use the older forums so cant compare, but probably there was a bit more fun around :slight_smile:

Ad the way of porcesses, you know it is not easy to keep some control over quality of milions of users and files… I dont think it is so bad, and never heard about rejection while updating the files (including name change). I think I understand well what you tried to say, but there are always more than one point of view… :slight_smile:

My question wasnt adressed to market, but to users view.


well i can tell you that we shifted from many users to very limited ones , that is the bottom line, lots of cornerstones of the old forums have the disappeared or almost … difficult to the the likes @ToivoMedia, @nathanknight and a few other guys nowadays , for instance and the general number of users has dropped dramatically for sure, besides, same goes with the number of thread , i mean those directly linked to GR … even the number of thread related to GR rejections have been cut maybe by 10 if compared with before …

well as for reviewing goes, i have been through all kind of crazy things and as for me i tend to be quite defiant because of this … soft rejections for models used by others who got approved , supposed to sexy models when some guys used up to naked models or even that i myself used two or three creations beforehand … a couple of hard rejections supposedly for quality issues when they accepted way flatter and lower quality items and so on and so forth , i have a well documented story of crazy things happening in GR , so i am more skeptical as u are indeed … . in any case, this is not really the real deal, the things that they ask us to adapt and optimize a lot of things so that we and THEY get way better SEO, but we are not given the ability to do on our own, which sounds making not much sense in my view … and which is also synonymous with additional work for reviewers who already have their hands full and who already have to deal with a difficult task too … hence the flaws that we were highlighting a bit earlier on …

i also tend to believe that our initial question is a little bit less interesting if we consider the user point of view as this set if this is not for helping to further convince buyers into buying, i think that most other authors do not usually click so that they can see the additional previews indeed …


I had two buyers who asked if they can see one preview image in the native resolution (3500x2500) of the mockup item.


i guess it can happen , on the other hand, how many sales do u have and how many customers did not ask lol