Grafik theme not able to update php

Hi, I have a site that uses the Grafik child theme, and I am unable to increase the php from 7.4, which is deprecated. The errors point to the theme and its inability to update it’s php.
Is there an update in the works, or should I switch themes?

Make sure you are using the latest version of the theme.

@Select-Themes are one of the most highly regarded authors on here and they would be across any major update like that.

It says the version of Grafik child is 1.10 and Grafik is 1.6 - wordpress has not noted that anything needs updating. Are these the wrong versions?

You are about 3 years out. the latest copy is version 3.3.

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Thank you, how do I renew this particular theme? My wordpress isn’t telling me that anything needs renewing for some reason, which seems odd.
This was programmed by someone else, and I would have assumed that it would have been paid for with all updates included.

That’s an issue if someone else paid for the theme as the updates and support will only ever be available to the purchasing account.

Your best option would be to purchase your own license (copy of the theme). Using this you will be able to update the theme and get 6 months free support, as well as lifetime updates.

You should back up your website fully before trying to update the theme.

Bear in mind - any customisation made to the theme itself outside of the native settings will NOT survive the update unless they are manually copied across.