Grafana for monitoring and visualizing data from databases?

Hello there,

I have a question regarding databases. I am still quite new in this field and hope to get some help here.

We use both the SQL database MySQL and the NoSQL database InfluxDB to store the data of web applications. But we would like to have the data of the databases processed and visualized. I have informed myself a little bit about this, because I read that there are special visualization and monitoring tools for this. During my research I came across the tool Grafana, which seems to be very popular (not only because it is open source) because of its graphical web interface and because the server speaks HTTP/HTTPS. Furthermore, there should be plug-in interfaces for backends. I also read in an article that with the help of Aiven, a DBaaS provider, you can use Grafana in a cloud of your choice. It is also open source.

Has anyone had any experience with Grafana? Can you recommend it? I would be happy about an exchange of experiences!