GR has become hopeless for me..

With so many items with good quality… There aren’t takers!!! I am seeing worst of my time here. GR is becoming hopeless for me

I somewhat agree. I think the main problem is that Envato has just gotten too big. When I first joined it was a much smaller community, it mostly consisted of passionate artists and designers, but now it’s become flooded by people who just want to make a quick buck. There’s just so many items on the marketplace now that it seems nearly impossible for anyone to find your items, and new people are joining every day to submit hundreds of items on a consistent basis.

Personally I’ve been looking into other ways of getting my work out there, but for now Envato is just a place to make a little extra money until I get things going.

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Agree to that… It’s now become a fish market

lol @XioxGraphix and Brij, let me laugh guys … th problem is not what u mention … the problem is that envato is ultra promoting their own thing … elements and placeit the first one being very unequalitarian to say the least as people are selected on criterias that no one knows by teams and that all people who may wish cannot join it … and the second one is just aiming at getting rid of designers and replacing them by ludicrous automated service producing nameless trash … this is why they try so very hard to promote these ridiculous minimalistic styles … this way they will make people get used to these nonsense and all people will feel like “why we need designers after all, we can do our own thing by ourselves” and this way no intermediary, all will go in envato’s pocket once potential customers will have bought this trash self made item …