GR guys, pls tell what we need for this site and the forum

Hi GR guys please express yourselves and tell what u feel like having in the site and the forum, as for me i would like to hear from you and get to know if u feel the same as i do.

here’s what i am personally expecting for, those are my first thoughts and desires, maybe i will have additional ones later on:

  • progress bar in the dashboard
    for many reasons, we need this tool (and that was a true bore for some of us to see it disappear), which is very useful for us, this is how we are going to get to know when the item is potentially approved and operational, this is definitely a major tool as this marketplace is more and more based on quantity and how often we upload, as the more we upload, and the more likely we’ll able to sell … not to mention that we are not all full time GR players only running the marketplace , thus there’s a strategic part in this tool …

  • “get reply to comment” checked automatically
    it would be great to have it possibly being turned on and turned off through settings for instance for those who wish … this option is a way to get messages from the people who answer when we comment, without we have to check the concerned box, aftr all who doesn’t want not to have the answer of the person he’s / she’s addressing when commenting items? … i guess no one … this is one of the foundation with which we communicate with each other, i mean apart from the forum, without this feature , no real community here …

  • a better organization of the website to get to access to some datas, like requirements and so on … this is not clear or a bit disorganized

  • simplified access to the help center
    does anybody know what to do to access the help center now? need to create an account or something never been able to access it for a while … really boring and inconvenient as it gets! a pure waste of time

  • 1 additional envato staff member for feedbacks
    one person (maybe from the help center) dedicated to provide feedbacks regarding hard rejected items (especially for newbies, after all , all the people who have submitted items who get rejected have been working and providing them with a true reason for the rejection is the minimum that they can expect …


  • a division into marketplaces
  • a clear division of topics in each marketplace
  • a system of tags more efficient , more visible and so on …
    at this time all is messy and nothing is nowhere to be found, u have to search for long for all, search for categories from a menu already inside the four and so on, in shirt a way longer and difficult process than before , just a waste of time
    -the bubble of notifications clearly indicating replies to messages
  • an easy way to get back to the marketplace …

that’s it for a beginning, i will further think about it, i am waiting for you to share what u think :wink:

really like the idea of it!

one of the most indispensible things for sure

Probably an area for newbies, this new format seems to have scared them off?


I’d love to see a weekly handpicked collection (10 items, maybe?) of new items on the homepage. In my opinion, this would increase the overall quality of the marketplaces.

Buyers need to see that Envato always have fresh and high-quality new items to offer.

no Shane, it seems , according to what i could see this far that this is scaring all the people, there’s approximately nothing GR-related anymore now, which definitely is not a good thing and proves how much evereythign’s dysfunctional and needs improvements …

yes the idea maybe good, but i am personally afraid of a few things regarding this … especially considering how GR and flyer category is always forgotten in the already existing “featured item selection” by envato people , who have maybe displayed only one flyer (congrats to Abe / Creatwitter) ever since i joined, which means a lot as regard to the lack of interest to promoting this section , when this is an important one … . I am also afraid that we only end up with the same type of creation, just a selected few styles but nothing else, when , your idea would be definitely good , if the styles and so on are varied and they show quality and variety to people … . I am also a bit personally afraid of the discrepancies between authors that would be brought to the table (as this will be decided all the way by envato) when there are enough discrepancies yet …

Yes, l have been through worse, that is why l am here, l have tried to develop software for Facebook, total nightmare, but l almost got it done. As well as how to set up a squeeze page, website, SEO, etc, etc.

So, yeah, newbies might be scared off with the dog breakfast format, but nothing new for me!

True, no direct GR link, just a Graphic blue box, and from what l can see, very few new posts.

But clicking on tags and graphics reduces the cross platform issue!


I always thought that Thumbs are too small (80x80 px) and are related to Web 1.0. I think that a restyling in this way could be a ver good chance in terms of usability and Items Commercial Appealing.


u are right this is not sped “visual-oriented”, i am not sure technique wise whether this is possible but a bit bigger one would not hurt either to identify people and for them to have an icon which is more outstanding :wink:

as for me i was trained a webmaster back in 2000 but i can honestly say that i could not follow the evolution because not only was i more interested in the graphic part but in addition, with my regular job, i had a lot to do and almost exclusively print creations … . Otherwise, i think that the cross marketplace thing is a good and beautiful dream but that’s just a dream according to me, let’s face it , we do not all have such a large expertise as to be able to talk about any numerical subject and even for the scarce who can, there are probably limited people willing to do anyway, so basically it will be involving a ridiculous number of people

OMG, every time I try to give a change to the new forum I just get frustrated and leave after 2 minutes. They destroyed the forum. I just can’t be here. :confounded:

come on Elad, do not think too much buddy and try to get used to it a bit, there are some very good things about this new thing, apart from the organization which could not simply get worst (the most messy forum that i have ever seen about organization, in my view so that it doesn’t get user-friendly at all), i do agree … . I think that one of the problems is that the whole of us from GR have is that all topics are gone for us and we have nothing to discuss that it helps people to disappear from here and that thus the interest in the forum just gets annihilated even more, but we have to try bring back some life to GR’s community all the same …

I can’t say I’m impressed with the new forum on mobile (haven’t been on the desktop version yet) just feels really cluttered and messy.

I expected something easier to use. We seem to have additional functionality but at the cost of the user experience.

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u are right, all the way in my view, yes there are some improvements, definitely , but did we need all of them, i am not sure and maybe a smoother transition might have been preferable. I also agree that usability had taken a deadly stroke and that the thing is not completely as user friendly as it should get , categories are lacking gamely and in the end , people seem also not willing so much to spend sometime here … which is bad and sad

A division/tagging/organization/whatever by marketplace is really a primary necessity. :pray:
A progress bar also would be very welcome.

The new forum has freed up some of my time, as my old mobile doesn’t have a new enough browser to support it. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s fairly OTT, the new forums are not bad at all.

agreed on all u said indeed :wink:

no Martin, there are some great things, the problem is that there are some very poor ones too … all related to organization has to be embettered greatly , otherwise, most of the features are good or even better …