Got Trendsetter Badge.

Hi All,

Today i just got Trendsetter Badge. :smiley:
For my wordpress. plugin.

but i have question about this badge.

  1. How Trendsetter getting calculated. ?
  2. i have no sales. but i got Trendsetter badge. how ?
  3. is this a rare badge ?

i am new to Envato Community. so i am asking theme :slight_smile:


Congrats with your trendsetter badge ! this is a message from Envato about how this feature works:

We measure the level of “excitement” that we think the community shows for each item within a specified period of time – as buyers interact with an item, by viewing it, purchasing it or rating it highly, we accumulate these interactions into a level of measured excitement that tracks changes over time. We’re able to calculate the “trending-ness” of an item by looking at how excitement levels have increased or decreased recently, and translating this into a score which we can use to compare items with each other. Items which have seen a rapid growth in excitement in a short period of time will be displayed with a “Trending” indicator when seen in search and can be filtered within search results.

Hope this will clear some things up :wink:

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Thanks. but I have no sales .then how it can be a trending item ?

The trending feature also looks at page views, comments etc. You can view your product page statistics over here:

Hope this will answer your questions.

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Thanks @Proxibolt