Got Trendsetter Badge on First Day of First Submission

Hi to all the Authors from a new Comer!

I am excited to share our recent achievement on our first submission. We were able to achieve the Trendsetter Badge on the first day of our first submission! The pageviews number is enormous! The most amazing thing is, we achieved this without doing a single marketing activity!

There is just one sale though! I’ll appreciate any suggestions from experienced authors about its branding or features to help improving the sales. It’s a woocommerce add-on plugin and can be found here:


Congrats! This is the advantage of the Envato marketplace!

The bring the viewers and marketing for you.

You can further that by using other resources and marketing to compliment their contributions.

Congrats and all the best in your future sales!

Thanks, really appreciate your expert suggestions! Just checked your profile and I’m impressed! I’ll be grateful if you could shed some light on the marketing hotspots for the kind of product I have!


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Congrats! Good luck with your future sales :smile:

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Thanks a Bunch! :smiley:

Well, I wouldn’t say expert, but maybe experienced :blush: lol

Honestly, your item can sell itself if you actively provide your buyers support and be responsive.

Participate in discussions. Word of mouth is probably the best form of marketing in my opinion.

We periodically have campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook and Twitter. Bing seems the most successful.

We get a lot of referrals through Google, but we see more sales in a month when marketing on Bing.

Facebook can be a costly marketing tool but it’s always been a really successful one for us.

Reviews - writing reviews about your item and sharing it with websites that promote them through referral.

You basically provide the website a review of your theme, details, and they link it with their own referral link.

We’ve done this on a few websites - though I cannot honestly say we’ve had a lot of success in that.

BuySellAds can be expensive, but we’ve also seen a lot of success in it.

There’s a lot of ways to market your items. Not sure if we’re the most success in that approach, but it has helped. We don’t regularly run campaigns. Sometimes we do it every 2-3 weeks, other times we’ll do it bimonthly. This usually helps in the budget department when you find your spending more on marketing than your profiting (that can happen quick so be forewarned).

Honestly though, I go back to word of mouth as I’ve always found it to be the best.

Hope it gives some insight. All the best in your marketing and good luck with future sales!


Awesome … Thank you so much for your detailed response. Some best tips I have ever received! Hats off!

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Congrats! :smile:

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Thanks :smile:

You’re most welcome. Hope it helps in some way. Good luck!

Congratulations! :smiley:

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: :slight_smile: OWMLabs an all the best gatelogix , that’s how everybody started and then it gets even better, keep pushing your Item an amazing things will happen, I wish you many, many, sales :smile: