Got the first sale on my item which i did upload today but got only half of the money

So i had my item approved today and after 6 hours it got the first sale , but i only got half of the money that was indicated on item price.

How can someone survive if he spends the 4/5 months to build up something and at last on every sale he/ she only get half of the money , even if the price was decided by envato team.

Envato takes a percentage (depends on how much you have sold) from your sale, this is just a thing you actually should have known when becoming an author on the Envato Market

I’m author from quite of time , but seeing the things get never change , it hurts bit , to give away half of the money. but well , let it be . :slightly_smiling:

You also need to make sure you have updated all of the relevant tax info etc. or else you could be losing up to 30% when the buyer is from the States.

Thanks for the suggestion , did that already. Hope to get few sales so i can get on to updates with features.

You didn’t notice this on the twelve sales you got on your first item? Would be worth going through the link that Proxibolt posted, so you don’t have any more nasty surprises further down the line! :smiley:

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