Got some feedback on my Hip Hop track?

my first few tries with Hip Hop weren’t really succesfull. So in order not to fil the review que unnessecerally, I thought I’d ask you - before I get the rejection - how to improve:

0: 24 unpleasant gap ( Loop cut off unevenly ). do alternation: when playing scratch remove the tube. Try to make the whole track sound more transparent.

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Thanks! Strange how one gets used to such strange loop gaps or other mistakes after a 100 listens.

What do you mean by that?

How would I do that? The track consists of drums, bass, samples and percussion. Are they not seperated well? Or maybe some transparency in the samples? But how?

Thank you very much, I appreciate your efforts!

I played a little with your track. I think now it will be clear what “transparent” . Good luck.

Pay attention to the balance of volume, panorama and equalization at the stage of mixing.
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Wow! You’re just the best! This is so nice! I’m gonna have to whatch this a few times to see what you did there exactly. I think this will help a lot! Thank you so much, this is great!

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So i tried the things I could. But you’ll notice that I need to learn a lot still. I will use the techniques I saw in your video and hopefully use them right when my ears get better.

I hope I did improve at least some of the things you showed me…
Thank you!

Do not make the quality setting by the method shown in the video. You have to adjust all the sounds separately. what I’m showing is called final mastering (to color the track) . You do not cut the samples exactly because of this, you hear dips and clicks (do crossfade). Make the balance of the instruments pleasant to the ear by the volume.
Creativity has no limits! :grin:


Haha! cool video! :smiley:
Okay, I’ll put in some work :wink: Thank you very much for your advice! You helped me a lot!

Alright… I know it is marked solved, but I had another try… I’m still learning, so probably not everything is set right.

When I come back from my holidays I will have a listen with fresh ears.