Got Soft Reject, need help please.



I just got soft Reject and they saying i need to do whole lot of work on below list pages.

Can anyone help me out and suggest me some ideas.


waiting for some feedback… :slight_smile:


I personally love this template.

Link 1: I can’t really find any drawbacks work on some spacing in the sidebar.

Link 2: Hmm… Looks good, just try to make it the same width as the header. This will provide proper spacing to the area.

Link 3: Looks great, too many blog post maybe? haha just kidding. Make some improvements on the hover effects and try again.

Good Luck Cheers!


Wow, just can’t believe this got rejected. I don’t see anything bad - perhaps the home page needs some bells and whistles but the other pages seemed ok for me. Good luck mate!


Thanks for your feedback


I got 2 points

  1. the submenu’s are not center aligned to the menu on level 1.
  2. the breadcrumbs go almost invisible on hover.

Good Day! :blush:


hi, the layout broken after browser resize to small and wide


Thanks for reporting issue.

Can you please let me know the browser you were using. Checked the responsive layout but didn’t found such issue on any device :frowning:


Thanks for reporting the issue. We will fix it immediately.


Any more suggestion please…


More feedback needed please…


Looking for some feedback anyone…


I have a request to make the breadcrumb text larger, it is almost unreadable due to sizing. Is there a setting that can be changed for this?