Got Soft Reject - Code validation issue because i'm using CSS clip-path

Hello, I submitted my new html template for review and got a soft reject, i resolved all the issues from the reviewer except one:

I am using the clip-path property in my template, this property is still somewhat experimental and is not supported by all browsers and it comes up as an error on W3C validation.

I use clip-path on the teammember images and on the portfolio item hover effect.
If the browser does not support clip-path it will simply not be applied and it does not break the functonality of the page.

W3C Error: Property clip-path doesn’t exist : polygon(0 80%,0% 0%,100% 0%,100% 80%,50% 100%)
Clip-Path Property browser support:
Template Link:

Envato Rules State the follwing:

All author-generated HTML needs to be validated via the W3C validator. However, browser prefixes and any other cutting edge code will be exempt.

So the question is,
Does my use of clip-path fall under that rule or should i exclude it from my design?

I would love to know your opinions

Novakim @AtypicalThemes

Quality is Bad. Menu, newsletter, Testimonial, Footer and others section is very low quality. Improve the UI/UX of your theme. .

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

It’s not about clipart, it’s about h1 tags:

Hmm, yes i saw that, I though you can’t get rejected for warnings in HTML validation, only for errors?