Got rejected: Looking for the limitations & your expert opinions

Just get rejected! Hoping for some expert opinions and point out the limitations what will eventually help me grow as a designer and an author in this marketplace. Thanks everyone. Appreciate your support & cooperation.
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hi Reza
as for me i tend to believe that the cmbination of colors is not that working and, apart from this, the typo part is a bit flat indeed. I also believe that you would be well inspired to change footer icons too and opt for better quality ones just like the ones u used upper …

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Thanks for your feedback and notifying the things to improve. Appreicate it.

u know the difficult part is that u cannot make sure that all u are saying to help really is in keeping with what reviewers may have had in mind when they rejected but this should help if u can fix all this, it will probably help u to have your item making it to the next level

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Of course, I will do my best fixing them. Thanks you did find time for me.

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u are welcome and if u feel like u have enough material with the information that i gave u u can check the “solution” box :slight_smile: