Got Promotion On Envato Forums

when i checking forum posts i just find that i can edit the posts (most of other users posts) title and change the category.

Looks like i got the 50% Moderator Rights :smiley:

See this post made by phpbits but still i can edit that post :smiley:

another sample.

Anyone having the same features in their acc or just me ? Or Its a Bug ? @Enabled @SpaceStockFootage

Same here, looks like it only works on new topics.

working with old posts too. but not working in some categories,

Yes, you’re right.

Yes, in Discourse, Regular users have posting privileges more than the non-Regular users. they can rename/re-categorize topics in the categories that they can post in, meaning that you can’t edit the topics in for example #authoring-on-envato:envato-announcements cause you can’t start discussions in that category.

Also your spam flag can hide (or ‘unlist’) topics by new users. So when you see a spam post in the forums, flag it as spam and it’ll most certainly disappear :smile:

And a few more privileges, but those are the coolest ones.


Thats cool though.