Got new reject! Need your opinions please!

Here is the work:

May be the tempo or just sounding of guitar is bad?

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Really enjoyed your composition. It doesn’t sound like the typical “cooking” track!
If you want to make it more commercial, speed up the tempo. :slight_smile:
Some adjectives that should describe your reworked version: catchy, bright, exciting.
Good luck!

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@Soundset Thanks) I try to fix it))

Nice piece! Not mainstream for AJ I think. The start reminds of Hit the road jack.
Maybe you can tweak the piano some brighter?
Just a few thoughts. I get lots of rejects :slight_smile:

The “guitar” sounds weird, it’s not a real guitar I suppose.

The intro piano is very awkward (not real and cool sounding) also the ending rhythm is out of sync

Good music! I want to listen to the end, but a very slow tempo. (

Okay i try to change the guitar and fix the drums
Tempo is already changed.
@Audioland @Pandocrator @AtomSound


This was a piano)))