Got my template featured on Themeforest this week!

Hi friends,

I’d like to share with everyone this special moment, this is for sure the best news I’ve received since I registered on Themeforest on August 2016.

Thank you so much Envato by choose my work to be featured:

This kind of attention makes me more strong to continue, hope it can inspire all you guys and girls as well… I was here, working on the dawn, and was taken by surprise… so words just can’t describe!

:tada: :sparkles: :boom: :champagne: :grinning:


I would like to show you some statistics that might be useful to you.
Your sales are stable:

As we can see your template is often updated and become a trend, and it does not depend on the price (which has changed 4 times since early March)

And takes the 4th place on sales for the last 7 days

It is very interesting case to observe how Envato “featured item” influence on sales.
In any case, I wish you good luck.
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